3D printing is a rather new technology even though it existed for over 20 years. This technology was crude up until the last four or five years. The latest 3D printers brought the best out of this tech and made it possible to do many interesting things with it.

3D jewelry printing is something new in the industry. This process requires more than just a 3D printer, but in essence, it isn’t a hard thing to master. Once all of the materials are there, the work can begin.
As with any other 3D printing, it all starts with a 3D file. 3D file contains all information about the shape of the object. To generate a 3D file, you have to use 3D modeling software. You can find that software on the internet, for free, but do note that you won’t be able to create intricate designs with it. To create intricate designs you will need software that costs money and it isn’t easy to use. IF you don’t know how to build 3D files, then you can connect to someone who does.

a_ring_made_for_3d_waxOnce the 3D file is finished, the 3D printing of an object can begin. In typical situations, this is the end because you have the object you wanted. In 3D jewelry printing this is just another step. Some people are creative, and they can create beautiful 3D designs, but they don’t have knowledge or assets to create 3D jewelry. If you are one of them you can find people with printers and give or sell them your designs.
The best technology to create a piece of 3D jewelry is the Lost-Wax Printing and Casting. This tech can be used upon already mentioned wax casting as well as metal casts. You can use copper and brass, gold and also silver in your creations.
The wax object is the basis of your new 3d jewelry. Once the object is done you have to attack several wax sprues to it. jenny-wu-lace-3d-4-537x402All of the sprues should be connected far above the subject matter, and they should have only one opening. Once all of this is done, you can proceed with plastering process. This part of the process is quite simple. Place the object in a cup and cover it with plaster and wait for it to solidify.
The solidified plaster is the mold for your jewelry, and the sprues are the channels through which you can bleed out the wax and fill the frame with the desired metal. To remove the wax from your new frame you need to heat it up and let it pour out of it. The best way to do it is to heat the mold slowly over a couple of hours.
You can fill the empty mold with the material you want and once it cools down you can break the mold and retrieve the object. You can create patterns that can be split into several pieces to release the object, so you can use them to create duplicates.