fishMaking 3D jewelry is exciting and fun, but it can cause disaster if you try to sell it. This might happen due to the shape of your pieces. Different accessories are done by different companies, and many of them have patents and making their copies may cause legal reprimands. Even without that, you want original jewelry that will put everyone in awe. Once you do that, you know that you are ready to make some sales.

Creative or not, you should find out about new ideas in the jewelry design world. Following in the steps of other people is not attractive, but incorporating their ideas in your designs is something everyone else does. Many paths in jewelry design exist, and focusing on one form of jewelry is good because you have a field in which you can expand. This will limit the number of exterior ideas from ruining your designs.

il_340x270.988406042_l9o6Every metal has its properties, and if you don’t know them then, your plans may fail. Be sure to learn everything about the metal you use in 3D jewelry printing to avoid mistakes. There are many material design guides on the internet, and they are free, so be sure to go through them. Don’t start 3D jewelry printing with gold because it is very delicate material. Start with easier materials like copper and brass, and then work with silver. Once you master those materials, you will be ready to take on the gold designs.

structural-jewelry-by-bits-to-atoms-oSome people are concerned with the loss of human element in the creation of the jewelry through 3D printing, but these fears are groundless. One thing is making a copy of a jewelry piece, and the creation of a unique piece of jewelry is a whole other thing. Standard jeweler creates his work from a drawing, and this is same as the creation of a 3D file.

Not everyone can create a beautiful and enchanting 3d file of a piece of jewelry that will captivate people and make them buy it. Creativity is the essence of the jewelry making, but knowledge about 3d modeling is also a skill they have to master. So, no, the human element in the jewelry making is still there.


The price of the 3d jewelry printing is another thing that is quite important. This price depends on the material.  For example, a ring made of bronze will cost 33 Euros. That same ring made with gloss silver will cost a bit more, 57 Euros. If you opt for yellow 14k gold, then the price of the ring will be just above 800 Euros.


If you want to create high-quality jewelry pieces, then you will need good 3D printer that will cast small details correctly. Amateurs can use lower quality printers, but their creations won’t have fine details. Those that want to sell their work will need to invest some money at the beginning in the equipment as well as software. High-quality 3D printer and good 3D modeling software will result in exquisite pieces that will advertise you work and draw in the customers.