3djewelryEvery person can make a 3D jewelry piece. You only need a computer and a 3D modeling software to accomplish that. But let’s not go ahead of ourselves, but let’s do this step by step.

3D modeling knowledge is the first thing you require. You can find free 3D modeling software on the internet. Learn how to create 3D models and work toward the creation of your jewelry line. Blender and Sketchup are only two examples of free and useful software that will enable you to create good 3D jewelry models.

The easiest way to learn 3D modeling is by watching Youtube tutorials. These tutorials will lead you from some fundamental things up to some complex creations. Tutorials on the Youtube will also help you to avoid fundamental design flaws.

nervous-system-3d-printed-1The creativity is the fuel in the design process. If you aren’t hyped about your new creation, then you won’t make something right. 3D modeling is a lot of fun if you know what you are doing. But before anything else, be sure to grasp the basic rules of the design. Those rules will outline the boundaries, and they will help you in making right objects.

Free software has its borders, and those boundaries can limit your designs. If you want to avoid those limits, you should use plug-ins. They will add new tools to the software which will give you more options to play with. In the future, you can buy a 3D modeling software, but at the present, use free software loaded with different plug-ins.

nervous-system-deconstruction-cell-cycle-1The size in which you create your object is very important. The smartest thing to do is to use millimeters. It’s easy to measure small sizes with it, and you won’t have problems with exact measurements. Creating rings is very easy because there are sites that convert ring sizes to millimeters.

Even though the jewelry material comes in play at the end of the process, you should do some research before you start with the 3D model. Why, well because the metal has its properties which you must incorporate into the design. Wall thickness, bounding box, and wire diameter are only some of the elements of the material you will have to take into the consideration. But don’t worry, there are sites on the internet that explain everything, so you simply have to decide on the material and check its parameters.

IMG_3198If you have a 3D printer, then you can do all the work by yourself, but do not that you will also need a furnace that will melt down the metals you use. The second option is to send your 3D file to Shapeways or another company that works with it. They will tell you the price of your object done in different materials. If you have some doubts about the look of the object, then you can order a plastic prototype. This will help you decide whether you should go on with the production or not. If you do choose to sell your products, be sure to continue with new creations to keep the customers interested in your works.